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I was trying to think of when I first got into anime and it was around the early 2000’s when the dub Sailor Moon and DBZ was airing for the first time. I took a break from anime to focus on my musical theatre hobby, but anime became a pivotal aspect of my life after our move to Tennessee. It was the summer of eighth grade around 2007 back when you could watch anime on Youtube. Crunchyroll was just starting up and not at all fancy as it is today. Man, I sound old. Anyway, back then I couldn’t go a day without anime since it helped me with my depression and making me ignore the fact that I had no friends since the move. I lived 30 minutes away from school and everyone had formed their cliques. So I’d run home from the bus stop and start up the family computer to binge anime before my parents came home. Such a simpler time.

Back when I first started, I watched anything I could get my hands onto from Clannad to Elfin Lied and all the way to Mermaid Melody! Now I’m more selective and I stray from anime that has a lot of fan service as well as Imperialistic themes. I prefer a good animation style, characterization, storytelling and so on. I’m so behind though, but it’s hard to schedule all your hobbies when you only have 5 hours a day for leisure time. Some of my favorite series are Mushishi, Kimi Ni Todoke, Sailor Moon, Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Ouran Host Club, and Hunter x Hunter.

I also got into manga too. I had over 200 volumes and I’ve gotten rid of most of them after moving for college. I’ve saved a good portion for the ones I go back to every so often and I’m a huge fan of the omnibus collections that are coming out with several well-known titles such as Fruits Basket, InuYasha, and D Gray Man to name a few that I collect.

My obsession with anime has calmed down to where I go through periods of watching it only a few months into the year. But it helps that my boyfriend has recently become a fan of anime, so we usually watch it together when we can see each other. We’ll be posting some reviews from time to time as one of the new segments on my blog in the next few weeks.Big or small, anime has been in my life for about 15 years and I don’t see it leaving anytime soon. I’m excited to start writing about this other passion of mine and I hope you enjoy the topics too. Do you have an anime close to your heart?


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