Patience is a Virtue

I just wanted to touch base with all my readers and I just wanted to apologize for not pumping out as many posts that I wanted to this month. July is a very busy month for my job and I usually come home feeling absolutely exhausted. I made a commitment to this blog but I’ve had to set it aside this month due to work. I think I’ve only managed to pump out one post a week instead of two and I wanted to add anime posts, but that might have to be put on hold until next month.

I do appreciate everyone’s support, those readers who comment or like my posts encourage me to keep going. I want to do a good job for them and felt like I needed to explain my lack of content this month. August is a more relaxing month at work with only Grant Writing to keep me busy before my birthday vacation later on in the month. So be excited for more content headed your way next month. As always, I greatly appreciate everyone who reads this blog and has helped make this dream of mine a reality.


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