The Tragedy that is Edith Finch

Last week I made a post on  Indie Games and I thought it would be best to continue the trend. Last month I finished this very sad game and figured others should join me in my misery. It’s a good game but the ending won’t give you a happy feeling when you see the credits roll. There will be a few spoilers, but I’ll do my best to keep as many spoilers to myself.

edith finch

Just look at that logo.  A little creepy, some Addams family vibes but it’s actually more tragic than creepy when you play the game. A word of caution: you are NOT playing as Edith Finch but she is narrating everything in the first person. This confused me and the ending left me feeling a little hollow, but I won’t tell you why. I did say my spoilers would be minimal.


One issue that I had with this game is that there is no tutorial which shows you how the game is to be handled. There’s that awkward moment where you have to smash buttons until it finally works. I would have even settled for a control page in the main menu which shows all the controls, but that was missing too. Gameplay is mostly walking around and interacting with objects while listening to the narration.


The premise of the game is that you are learning about the Finch family and the tragedy in which every one of them dies a tragic death. You learn about these family members through little tokens or diary entries from Edith. You will also get to experience those stories as the characters themselves.there are some characters who you won’t find out all the answers about which will haunt you for days. At least that was the way I felt. Have some tissues ready if you’re a crybaby like I am!


This is a good game if you like a story driven plot and are looking for a game that takes no more than three hours to play. There are unique characters with diverse personalities which you can relate to or even empathize with their stories. The details in the animation are wonderful and the soundtrack really set the melancholy tone to the game. Check it out if it sounds like your cup of tea!


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