Should You Play Transistor? Yes!

Transistor is such a beautiful game that flowed perfectly that I lost track of time every time I sat down to play it. The Transistor soundtrack is one of my favorite video game soundtracks which made everything come together. This review is spoiler free to anyone who was wondering.

Our Protagonist

You play as the amazing Red who was a singer but Cloudbank, the bad guys, stole her voice and “killed” her love. This is what motivates her to bring Cloudbank down. Even though she lost her voice, she is not powerless. There are many moments where she interacts with a terminal which she can type out her thoughts to her companion. Her resolve never wavers and it was very refreshing to play a female character as the hero for a change.

transistor gameplay

Throughout the game, you are forced to confront several different enemies that each has abilities that grow stronger as you progress. The gameplay has a wait time before you can enter commands, but you are free to move around the battlefield in order to dodge attacks. You have to use combos in the amount given, so you have to be strategic with your attacks. You gain a new ability every time you level up, but the drawback is that it takes awhile to get to the next level. There are moments when you gain access to a backdoor which has several doors available to you. There’s a practice room in there and I highly recommend using it to test out different combos until you find what works best for you.

My only complaint is how confusing the story can be at times. I’ve learned so much more after playing the game from other fan theories than I did in the actual game. The story is very cryptic in its explanations but that might just mean I need to play it once more to comprehend everything that happens. The music, characters, and gameplay make this game worth a playthrough despite all the minor issues. It’s a rather short game, possibly 5 hours long, and if you haven’t played it, you’ll be in for a wonderful treat.


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