Just take Kairi’s heart


Kingdom Hearts has always been dear to….well to my heart. Not that there needs to be an excuse to talk about my KH feels, but I thought it’d be perfect to talk about something that’s bugged me since a new trailer dropped earlier this week due to E3.



I don’t think so honey, but nice try!





I have never liked Kairi’s character as a kid or as an adult and it took me awhile to figure out why I didn’t like her. No, it’s not because I think Sora would be better off with Riku, even though that is true, but I don’t like her because she isn’t developed as a character. Mostly, she’s there to play the love interest role or be someone else’s motivation. She’s wonderful as a motivation for Sora and Riku, but she never gets to motivate herself. She gets thrust into this role as a Princess of Heart, but there hasn’t been any continuation of that role since the first game.Throughout the series, the creators NEVER mention that aspect of her which could have been a wonderful concept and development for Kairi to explore. They might explore that idea since she was seen in the DREAM DROP DISTANCE after credits scene, but that would something to explore for the third game.



I think they tried to give her character more development by giving her a keyblade in 2, but why does she need a keyblade? They are supposed to be rare but that slowly starts to decay when everyone has one. And yes, I’m including Axel/Lea in that statement. The only motivation she seems to have is to find Sora since she forgot about him. That’s not enough for me when there are other well-developed female characters in the game series.Namine, Xion, and Aqua are some of the greatest characters within the Kingdom Hearts game and it just breaks my heart that Kairi isn’t that motivated like the others. If she is in the third game, I hope they improve her character development because she needs it as much as Xemnas needs Kingdom Hearts.


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