Gaming helps my Mental Health


This is a post that is a little personal to me, and I may just do a series of my own personal opinions which will be different from my usual post.

I have high functioning anxiety which means it isn’t as severe an issue that I find it necessary to take medicine, and that is my choice. I do have bad days though. I get overstimulated from noise in the office, I have a stressful job, and I don’t have many days to recharge. I work weekdays 8-5pm so I’m exhausted which makes my anxiety more capable of taking over. I make sure I do as much self-care as I can to lower a number of bad days that I have. Video Games are my number one way of self-care. It sounds silly, but diving into these fictional worlds where you can make a difference helps me feel good about myself. I can be as outgoing as my character is able, I can experience several experiences without the stress, I can save people. I can release my frustrations in a healthy manner and I feel like I have a purpose in those games. There are clear objectives and I know what I need to do to continue my journey.

Even though video games are my way of coping, I still have days where I don’t feel motivated to play games. Gaming has always been something that I’ve done by myself, but I’ve started to branch out from my shell. Recently, I have slowly started to add friends on the Playstation Network and this has prompted more conversations with people about games. You can also see what your friends are or have played which has added a few extra games on my ever growing To Play List.  It’s also kept me motivated to play games since I’m competitive and there are levels for how many trophies you collect. I feel like I want to be the very best, I blame Pokémon.  This motivation has pushed me to work harder at the games that I play, to do more than the bare minimum to complete the game. It sounds silly, I feel silly as I type this, but this is how I get through my moods of dissatisfaction.

Games mean so many things to different people and we as a community need to realize that. You don’t need to be a die-hard fan who platinum every game and has every DLC to be a true fan of the game. That sounds exhausting to me, but that’s my opinion. If you enjoy that, that’s wonderful but don’t bombard your standards onto others. I’m a casual gamer who is slowly starting to level up which takes time and energy. I play games to check out of this hellhole of a reality for a few hours and I encourage others to support other gamers of different levels. We all have a connection for loving games for different reasons and I think if we start becoming more accepting of that, there will be more room to branch out to try new things. Who knows, I might even try online gaming soon! But I am grateful for all the help gaming has done for my mental health. Now if we could stop with timed missions to advance the plot, that’d be great. Looking at you, Assassin’s Creed 2!


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