Women of Bioshock 2

Bioshock 2 is a rather different experience from the first game, but you get to find out more about the power struggle of Rapture. There were a few changes in gameplay, character involvement, plasmids to name a few, but a big thing I noticed was the number of women within the game. The game had the same number of female splicers and little sisters, but there were three female characters which advanced the plot in different ways. These women were completely different to one another and they stood out as the individuals that they were.

Grace Holloway

Grace Holloway

Grace is a minor character who interacts with Delta at the beginning of the game. She worked for Sofia Lamb in looking after Eleanor while Sofia was in prison. While under her watch, Eleanor was kidnapped and became a little sister.  Grace blamed Delta for that happening because she saw Eleanor with him. When interacting with her, you have the option to kill her or let her live. If she lives, she’ll help you out a few times on your journey and she realizes that Sofia Lamb was manipulating her. You can show her just how wrong she was about you and that is a rare thing to witness. She is the tradition caregiver role and being a mother was greatly stressed in the game by Sofia. Grace lost everything and Sofia dangled all those hopes of motherhood and being a part of a family which is what Grace craved for more the most.  Grace is also one of the few people of color within the Bioshock series, so there’s, even more, diversity in the game!

Eleanor Lamb

Eleanor Lamb

Finding Eleanor is Delta’s main objective throughout the entire game and she isn’t just a damsel in distress! She helps Delta along the way by giving him care packages that have a new plasmid to assist him on his journey. Later, in the game, you can summon her with a plasmid to fight by your side as a big sister and she packs a punch! She’s a very capable character and we find out that she was the one who reanimated Delta at the beginning of the game. She was forced in a position much like Elizabeth in Bioshock: Infinite in that she would be the saving grace for Rapture. She fought against that role put against her and came out victorious. It was interesting to see Eleanor shift into so many roles from an objective, damsel in distress, fighter, daughter and just being able to see her grow from a young little sister to a determined woman was a wonderful treat to witness.

Sofia Lamb

sofia lamb

She is the main antagonist throughout the game and I must say, I was pleasantly surprised about this character. Don’t get me wrong, she is a major pain in the ass for the entire game, but her motivations for her character were wonderful. She was losing everything, not just Rapture, but her daughter as well. She was a manipulative woman who didn’t mind stepping on people to get her way.  When many women are put into this role, they are usually sexualized in either behavior or even attire, but that wasn’t the case for Sofia. She was driven by ambition alone and even if she kept screwing Delta’s plans, that alone demands respect. She wasn’t a flat character but a complicated woman who became twisted in her beliefs.


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